Bionic Me Exhibition at New York Hall Of Science

With hands-on displays and full-body experiences, this exhibition at New York Hall of Science explores the inventive and ingenious medical and industrial breakthroughs that have helped enhance the human experience. Visitors can move a ball with their mind, manipulate a robot arm, race against a Paralympian, use night vision to see in the dark, and explore how technology can provide camouflage and make you invisible.

Exhibits include:

  • Mind Control – Compete against a friend using a brain-computer interface to control a ball using the power of your mind.
  • Motion Control – Use a gesture interface to control a robot arm and move a ball.
  • Voice Control – Use voice commands to interact with appliances in a model house.
  • Body Technology – Interact with different body systems by moving a screen over areas of a human body. Investigate what you could augment in various areas of the body.
  • Lenses – Experiment with a number of different lenses and investigate the effect on what we can see.
  • Augmented Surgeon – Try to put the augmented body parts into the correct areas of the body.
  • UV Camera – View your skin using a UV camera. Experiment with sunscreen and see how much sun damage you have.
  • What To Augment – Share your ideas on how you would like to augment your body.
  • Exoskeleton – Climb into an exoskeleton and control an on-screen avatar to investigate what you could do with enhanced strength.
  • Jet Pack – Put on a helmet and fly a virtual jetpack.
  • Prosthetics – Use a sensor to control a prosthetic arm.
  • Race Against A Paralympian – Prosthetics are advancing at a rate that they may soon surpass the ability of natural limbs. See how you fare in a race against a paralympian.
  • Bionic Eye – View the world through a bionic eye simulation.
  • Wind Tunnel – Test different accessories in a wind tunnel to see how they feel and perform.
  • Train Your Brain – Play a brain training game and investigate how it might affect your performance.
  • Ethics Quiz – Consider ethical questions of body augmentation via an eye gaze controlled quiz.
  • Braille – Read Braille messages using your sense of touch.
  • Camouflage – Explore how technology can provide active camouflage and make you invisible.
  • Infrared Camera – View your world through an infra-red camera and large screen.
  • Hearing Test – Test your hearing range and discover how technology can enhance your hearing.
  • Tunnel of Darkness – Explore a tunnel without using sight.
  • 3D Printing – Feel how scientists are using 3D printing to communicate images via touch.

Free with NYSCI admission.

Bionic Me was created by Scitech of Perth, Australia and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.

On from now till May 5, 2019

New York Hall of Science
47-01 111th St
NY 11368


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