Annual Children’s Festival: Celebrating imagiNATIONS!



11:00 To 17:00

National Museum of the American Indian, Bowling Green, NY, USA


Event Description

Don’t miss the opening celebration of the new imagiNATIONS Activity Center at the National Museum of the American Indian, George Gustav Heye Center in New York, showcasing the ingenuity of the Indigenous cultures of the Americas. Practice balancing techniques needed to master control of a traditional Yup’ik kayak from the Arctic, learn how to weave rope strong enough to create a bridge like one found in the Andes of Peru, and discover the counting and numeric skills of the Mayans. A vast array of activities celebrate Native innovations throughout history!

Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

To learn more about imagiNATIONS, visit:…

Photo: Children test a model that demonstrates principles of construction developed by Andean societies.
Festival Activities
Diker Pavilion for Native Arts and Cultures (First Floor)

Arctic: Coming in from Alaska, Peter Lind (Alutiiq and Aleut) and Susan Lind (Alutiiq) discuss, demonstrate, and teach about snow visors and snow goggles. For the festival, families will have the opportunity to decorate their own snow visors and goggles.

Engineering: Jesús Garcia, a cultural interpreter at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, will demonstrate the art and science of weaving horsehair and agave rope cordage. Visitors will learn various methods of tying rope.

Maya Math: Vilma Ortiz-Sanchez and Pamela Woodis will teach Maya math using the principles taught in the imagiNATIONS Activity Center. Visitors will learn how to write their ages or birth dates, and then write them on special tote bags.

Hawaiian Kapa: Learn about the Hawaiian art of kapa, a traditional craft where pounded bark is used to make clothes and other materials. All will have the chance to create their own kapa-stamped totes.

Rotunda (Second Floor)

Health and Nutrition: Based on traditional dances, the Powwow Sweat dancers from Idaho are here to demonstrate how dance makes exercise fun.

Great Hall (Second Floor)

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