Kids STEM FEST at PS/IS 180



11:00 To 15:00

PTA of PS/IS 180 Hugo Newman Preparatory School 370 W 120th St, New York, New York, 10027

Suggested donation $20 per family

Event Description

Child explorers, engineers, tinkerers, and inventors! COME OUT AND PLAY! The 3rd Annual Kid’s STEM F.E.S.T. @PS180 in Harlem is coming.

This year’s theme is “Play in real & virtual spaces.” To help us celebrate how we play in these spaces, we have the honor of presenting the following partner organizations at this year’s event:

– MARIO THE MAKER MAGICIAN dubbed by David Blaine as “The Best Kids Magician!”
– NY HALL OF SCIENCE who will host 2 workshops, “Build a Bug” and “Construct a Camera” (limited to 30 children per workshop, sign up on the day).
– THE INTREPID SEA AIR & SPACE MUSEUM will be there with a traveling planetarium.
– LATIMER HEIGHTS TINKER LAB is a key educational program with innovative hands-on activities
– COLUMBIA YOUNG DOCS “‘Young docs’ will inspire future docs.”
– HEX&CO is the Upper West Side’s only board game cafe.
– TEACHERS COLLEGE GAME LAB where families will discover the richness of game-based play.
– TECH ROW bringing innovative technology education to underserved communities.
– ROADS TO SUCCESS will play games and explore healthy activities.

Suggested donation on the day of the event is $20 per family.
RSVP NOW, so we know you’re coming!

[What is a STEM F.E.S.T.? A technological and environmental community celebration; a fair for the environment, science, and technology.]