La MaMa Kids first event of the Season!



14:00 To 15:00


Kids $10 Adults free


Event Description

I hope you had a great Summer and ready for our La MaMa Kids Fall Season.

We are officially kicking off our La MaMa Kids 56th Season on Saturday October 14th at 2pm, with an amazing inspiring puppetry & dance Distance Workshop with Ping Chong + Company, CultureHub & Alaska Native Heritage Center.

Lead by Gary Upay’aq Beaver (Central Yup’ik), Ryan Conarro and Justin Perkins this special distance connection workshop gives young people an experience of storytelling forms from the wider world beyond New York City! New York City youth meet Ping Chong + Company artists and connect with diverse artists and young people from Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage.In this session will explore puppetry and indigenous drum and dance as means for fostering mutual understanding.

Alaska Native Heritage Center artists share traditional storytelling approaches from Anchorage.

In New York, Yup’ik artist Gary Upay’aq Beaver shares his ancient dance form, and puppeteers Ryan Conarro and Justin Perkins offer playful approaches to puppetry.

CultureHub provides the connection – a center for art and technology connecting communities around the world.

​Please join us Saturday October 14th at 2pm in the Downstairs Theater.
Fun for the whole family!
Suggested for ages 7 and up!

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