SummerPlay 2017 – Excursion to Children’s Museum of the Arts



09:00 To 15:00

Pine Street School, 25 Pine St, New York, NY 10005, United States



Event Description

This week is dedicated to exploration through visiting the most celebrated educational institutions in New York City. Excursions will be to and from Pine Street School with transportation from DLA Limo. 10am-2pm options for parents who opt out of supervised travel.

Children will explore layering textures, colors, and lines in a variety of mediums while promoting imagination through storytelling and music. Our activities will encourage self expression, socialization, and creative thinking. We’ll then tour the exhibit “Focus: Artist as Observer” an exhibition on view that explores the ways artists examine and celebrate various aspects of heritage, culture, neighborhood and personal identity. We’ll also have a Ball Play, lunch, Play at James J Walker Park, and We’ll take a car ride courtesy of DLA Limo with Project Playdate Staff back to Pine Street School then snack!

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