The Little Mermaid



15:00 To 20:00

HSA Theatre, 645 Saint Nicholas Avenue, NYC 10030

15, 20, 25

(212) 926-4100

Event Description

Based on the original Hans Christian Andersen version (Not the Disney Movie), this adaptation of The Little Mermaidis written by 16-year-old Geneva Foster-Narvaez, a student at the Harlem School of the Arts.  The Little Mermaidis the story of the youngest and prettiest of six mermaid sisters. When the young mermaid becomes consumed by love for a human Prince, she willingly gives up everything that makes her unique, to assume a form that would bring her closer to him.

The Little Mermaid is more than a fairytale and more than a love story. This timeless story provides a host of lessons from which to draw – its message resonates even across time.  This classic written more than 200 years ago hits at the core of what makes each of us special and reminds us that decisions we make have consequences.  Those consequences can impact our life and the lives of others.  “At its heart, it is a story about loving yourself, as you are, and it is about cherishing your roots,” says Geneva.

19:00, 15:00 (duration 60 mins)