Creative Open Play – Opening Day



09:00 To 13:00

OKABALOO FunArtFaktory - The Arts & Fun Gallery 35-52 32nd Street Astoria / Long Island City, NY 11106


Event Description

Open-Ended, Fre-Form, Hands-On, Art & Crafts, Unlimited CREATIVE OPEN PLAY! Save the Date and join us!

We are beyond happy to invite all and everyone to join us for our long awaited dream come-true, the Opening Day of our Creative Open Play at OKABALOO, where creativity reigns!

On Sat, Jun 15th, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (FREE)

(Complimentary refreshments and snacks will be served!)

Save the Date and join us! Complimentary refreshments and snacks will be served!

50% OFF Monthly Unlimited Memberships will be available for those subscribing on our Opening Day.

As parents, we always want the best future for our children, and much of that future is developed in early childhood. We want our children to grow and become brilliant problem-solvers, confident decision-makers, to navigate successfully in their happy life.

Creative Open Play will allow children to express and develop their creativity freely. This kind of play gives your child endless exploring possibilities during creative playtime with unlimited access to a vast amount of art and craft materials. There are no instructions, rules, or sequenced guides for children to follow, just choices of challenging themes. There is no “right” answer or “right” way to complete and finish a creativity project and all kids will have the ability to make their own decisions and fully engage their imagination. Creative Play will begin with inspiration culminating in the sharing of an original artifact made by the child using limitless tools and materials available. In this process, kids open up their minds to what’s possible, take chances, solve problems, collaborate and become better creative thinkers and doers.

We call this Creative Open Play, and fueling it is one of our most important goals, to prepare children for the future. It develops valuable 21st century skills and prepares them to be the next-generation innovators.

Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn. ~ O. Fred Donaldson

Save the Date and join us! Complimentary refreshments and snacks will be served!

Where? At OKABALOO FunArtFaktory – The Arts & Fun Gallery

For more information contact us at 718-274-2200 |