Kids Are Songwriters, Too!



10:15 To 10:15

Complete Music Studios 227 Saint Marks Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238


Event Description

Kids Are Songwriters, Too! shares our very best songwriting strategies so that your child can start singing and writing really good music quickly.

In this 45 minute class, each and every kid will become aware of their superpower: their voice. It matters. They should use it, and they can do that through music.

But let’s be honest, “introductory guitar” sounds super boring.

So we mean it when we say: we’ve made learning the guitar (and uke!) super juicy-silly-funky-fun for kids.

Because being able to sing and play like Taylor Swift and John Lennon… I mean, that’s the whole point of music: to write something so good that it changes people.

Step 1: Make Guitar & Uke Crazy Easy We’ll show you how to use our proven “sticker method” to get any kid playing a single-note melody in 10 minutes or less.

Step 2: Write An Awesome Song Everyone has something they care about, and this is where your child discovers what it is she really wants to sing about. Our students write songs about everything, from unicorns to peace and love to mac and cheese. We’ll perform it on the mics at our rehearsal studio, of course.

Step 3: Remember You’re A Genius Every class ends with a stream of pure, positive affirmations. Every child is left remembering how powerful she is as an artist, and that her voice matters.

Please note the following class times:

The 10:15AM class is for ages 4-6.
The 11:15AM class is for ages 7-10.