Trevor Day School

Founded in 1930, Trevor Day School is a Nursery through Grade 12 independent day school that expertly facilitates inquiry-based learning to drive deep comprehension and a love for learning. Students at Trevor acquire a lasting understanding of the subjects they study by engaging in investigations, activities, and highly contextualized discussions and lessons.

Students’ inquiry takes center stage in a Trevor classroom, which not only allows them to learn more, but also develops an appreciation of learning, and critical habits of mind they can take with them out into the world. When you meet our talented students, observe our devoted teachers, and interact with our accomplished graduates, the power of a Trevor education is evident, and profound.

Trevor enrolls 800 students in a coeducational setting on two campuses on the Upper West Side and Upper East Side of Manhattan. Trevor’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum is designed to confer academic mastery while students develop the self-confidence, original perspective, and perseverance to thrive in any idea-rich arena. Perceptive and flexible teachers, highly collaborative team-building spaces, an inclusive and grounded family culture, and daily opportunities for interpersonal and intellectual interaction transform Trevor students into proactive agents of their own learning.

Nursery – 5

1 W 88th St – 212.426.3300


312 E 95th St – 212.426.3360


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